My most beautiful Nightmare

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Put your headphones in, and enjoy

Fall asleep. And don’t refrain the fall.

You’re suddenly a crow sited on a cloud contemplating a pink forest. Everything makes sense. Images, ideas, emotions, sensations… little stories seems to pop up in your mind involuntary.
This is not an escape.

A part of your brain tends to communicate, while the other one hastens to erase those stories.

But your most beautiful nightmares won’t disappear until you really listen to them.

 Browse trough those worlds of digital poetry and discover the stories your brain tries to tell you.


Where the Road Ends

Concept and production by le Shka.
Texts by Jessica Rosset (write her, she is looking for a Job).
illustrated dream
My most beautiful nightmare
Where the road ends
My most beautiful nightmare by le shka, Robin Gardeur.